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Madonna’s Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments

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Madonna on her MDNA Tour. // Photo courtesy of Madonna.com

Madonna has long since earned her title as the Queen of Pop, with an enduring legacy marked by constant reinvention and an uncanny ability to stay relevant—even in a music world that finds itself increasingly indefinable.

But she’s not without her fair share of controversy, often purposefully ignited by the singer’s conscious envelope-pushing antics. Below are the Top 5 most outrageous Madonna moments, culled from across the singer’s three decade-plus career, starting with her first television appearance to as recent as this past September. Madonna performs at HP Pavilion on Oct. 6 and Oct. 7

1. “Like A Virgin” First VMA Broadcast, 1984
Arguable the most iconic Madonna moment in the superstar’s entire oeuvre, the performance of “Like A Virgin” served as more than just an exciting opening for MTV’s first VMA Broadcast (ever), but a symbolic first example of the sort of button pushing she’d come to be known for. This wouldn’t be the last time we’d see the singer in a wedding dress, performing the song and causing a stir on MTV.

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