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Pot Shots: Weed Belong Together

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Ditch the roses this Valentine’s Day and go for a flower arrangement of the cannabis variety. Photo by Zapylaiev Kostiantyn, via Shutterstock

Ditch the roses this Valentine’s Day and go for a flower arrangement of the cannabis variety. Photo by Zapylaiev Kostiantyn, via Shutterstock

Valentine’s Day has long ditched its historic Roman Empire roots and now simply enriches Hallmark execs, but many people still don’t seem opposed to a day that encourages eating tons of chocolate and having sex (hello, life goals). The anxiety of gift shopping undoubtedly contributes to V-Day’s rep as the most hated holiday around, but don’t trip on what to buy your boo this year because Pot Shots’ gift guide will cover your ass from that sneaky henchman Cupid and his quivering bow.

Whether it’s a “toke-n” of your affection in the form of a simple joint or a full-fledged Banana Kush bouquet, flowers of the cannabis variety should top any stoner’s Valentine’s Day wish list. Massive arrangements of weed flowers, adorning a bong with a simple red rose or filling an empty chocolate box with some buds are all thoughtful gifts for the cannabis enthusiast, but the Internet also has a number of ideas for rolling a romantic next-level jay.

Get crafty with your chronic and light your love’s heart on fire with a multipronged heart-shaped joint dipped in hash oil and kief, or roll one up with a heart-shaped paper filter or in a gold cone from Shine Papers. The blingy blunt wraps are made from 24-carat edible gold leaf, which the company says “stays on the ashes” and is “not statistically significant in the severity of any adverse effects” from smoking (a cited study supports this conclusion). Because they taste, smell and burn the same as any other rolling papers but cost much more, Shine’s megasize, megawatt products are best for a special occasion like V-Day or your cameo in a Wiz Khalifa video.

Some chocolate is always in order for Valentine’s Day, so make sure it tantalizes your taste buds and other senses with a nice dose of some THC, CBD or both. There are many canna-chocolate options, but some great labels sold at San Jose dispensaries include Bhang, Kiva, and Defonce (fun fact: Defonce uses the traditional asanoha, or cannabis leaf pattern from Japan, on its products). If it’s your first time experimenting with edibles, try taking no more than 5 or 10mg per hour until establishing your limit; marijuana is an excellent aphrodisiac but too much THC can be a buzzkill on a day all about being in the mood (no worries about overdoing CBD, however, which is non-psychoactive).

Keep the fires stoked later with some canna-infused lube; they’re basically topicals with weed but these pot products are some of the hottest on the market and in the bedroom. Velvet Swing, sold at White Fire in San Jose, takes about 20 minutes to kick in and reaches full effect in 40 minutes, lasting up to four hours. Each bottle has 100mg THC and 33mg CBD, but the company says you won’t get high “unless you use it anally or orally.” So, while it’s technically not an edible, using it on select body parts probably counts. 

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