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Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Brings New Book, ‘The Psychic World of Walter Reed,’ to Back Bar SoFA

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Killa Priest will be touring behind his new book, 'The Psychic World of Walter Reed.'

Killa Priest will be touring behind his new book, 'The Psychic World of Walter Reed.'

For his 10th studio album, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Killah Priest went big. Really big. The Psychic World of Walter Reed, is a sprawling two-disc conceptual record that covers everything from rugged street-hardened tales of dope dealing and gun running, as well as cosmic journeys to the ends of the universe. The album features guest verses from Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Inspectah Deck, and production credits from RZA and GZA.

But Priest wasn’t done just yet. On Aug. 9, the Brooklyn-born rapper secured Kickstarter funding for his book, The Psychic World of Walter Reed—an accompaniment to the record of the same name. He is bringing his book to San Jose this week.

On Wednesday, Sept. 24, Priest will be at Back Bar SoFA, talking about and signing copies of his new book, which he compares to the type of illuminated manuscripts commissioned by various world religions and rulers over the ages to record histories in large books that paired hand-written text and highly ornate illustrations—usually with gold and silver leafing.

Speaking with Metro, Priest says the book will contain lyrics from the album, as well as verses and poetry that have never appeared on any Killah Priest recording.

Reading the book, fans will get an inside look at how Priest works, he explains. “They’re going to get the process of how I create,” he says. “They’re gonna get the writing process.”

Priest says that it made sense to make the book to accompany Walter Reed, an album that examines the entirety of his life and career. “This album is more of a mystic journey,” he says, explaining that the book and the album are meant to be taken and considered together, as one—like two artifacts recovered from an ancient tomb. “I didn’t have the crystal ball, but I had the missing book.”

“I’m excited,” he says, noting that he has always been interested in the metaphysical, and the concept of time. He recalls that he was blown away the first time he learned about different time zones. “Ever since I was small, I always had a fascination with how things are created. In science class I was kinda good. In math class I was kinda good.”

Killah Priest will also perform some songs during his appearance at Back Bar SoFA on Sept. 24 at 9pm. More info.

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