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Preview: Music Acts at San Jose Pride

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It’s hard to believe San Jose Pride is already celebrating its 38th anniversary. As always, in addition to speakers, vendors and general festivities, there will be plenty of music.

On Saturday, the main stage entertainment kicks off with a traditional Aztec ceremony and dance performances by Tlaloc-Chalchiuhtlicue of San Jose and throughout the day features local and regional artists and performers, including a Rocky Horror revue, Sweet HayaH and rapper Micah Tron. Headlining band Tehya closes out Saturday’s show with classic rock, R&B and blues.

Sunday’s lineup includes David Hernandez, who first got the world’s attention in 2008 when he placed 12th on American Idol. He was a big fan of classic soul and R&B and his song selection reflected that. He may not have cracked the top 10, but Hernandez was a fan favorite, and considered by some to have one of the best voices that season.

From the all-girl dance-pop ensemble the Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Sutta brings her solo dance-pop songs to Pride. She departed from the Dolls in 2010 in an effort to launch her solo career. She scored a hit single that next year called “Show Me.” Relatively new Miami singer Sophi will also be performing at Pride. Her single “Asi es el amor” is right in line with the Miami Top 40 scene. It’s a little bit R&B, a little bit EDM and has a Latin backbeat mixed in. It’s the perfect music to dance to.

Another figure in reality show fame playing Pride this year is Monique Abbadie. She was a popular contestant on season four of The Voice, where she auditioned with a Shakira song and got chosen by Shakira to be on her team. Before The Voice, Abbadie was a child star on Sabado Gigante and El Show de Lucky, two Spanish language TV shows.

Headlining Sunday’s lineup on the main stage is dance diva Crystal Waters.

Before Waters got in front of the microphone, she was working behind the scenes doing production work and songwriting in the late ’80s. Her first real turn in the public eye was in 1991 for her house-inspired pop song “Gypsy Woman,” which even In Living Color parodied back then. She continues to release singles, and remains a star in the dance world.

If all of that’s not enough to get the booty shaking, there is the special “Danc’n in the Park” stage which will feature a near non-stop wall of dance music. The DJs featured here include DJ Chris Campos, DJ Joseph Z , DJ Olga T and St. John.

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