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Rehab Keeps Lil Scrappy Away From San Jose

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It looks like San Jose won’t get a chance to smoke out with Rapper Lil Scrappy any time soon. The rapper had to cancel his June 14 show at the Agenda Lounge so he could check himself into rehab—for marijuana.

This all went down after Lil Scrappy failed to pass a mandatory drug test after previously violating his parole. He volunteered to go to rehab, which would get him out of jail.

Whether he really is addicted to weed and wants help, as he’s claimed, or if it’s all just to stay out of jail is unclear. Either way, he isn’t exactly headed for the Hyatt Regency. According to TMZ, his rehab schedule includes a 6:30am wake up, 10pm curfew, group and one-on-one therapy, and no cell phone, laptop or visitors the first two weeks.

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