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Video: Boboso “Ya Boy Boboso”

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Boboso (aka Bob Vielma) is known primarily as the go-to South Bay punk rock bassist. He’s played in Shinobu, Yulia, The High Sea, The Bears and several others throughout the past decade. But quietly over the past year, he’s recorded a killer hip hop mixtape that is at least as good as anything most of the other South Bay rappers have put out. He recently released a hilarious, low-budget video for the song “Ya Boy Boboso” to accompany the release.

What people may not know about Vielma is that is roots have always been in hip hop. Before he ever picked up a bass, he formed the hip hop crew, the Rap$callions back in high school. They openly flaunted their nerdiness and heir topics of choice were either too dumb for any respectable rapper (love for burgers and fries) or they went the complete opposite direction, as in an exaggerated, sarcastic version of “real” rap, with subject like money and ho’s.

This was all before nerdcore gained national recognition. A few years down the road they changed their name to the Chillin Dogs and improved their beats and rap skills to the point of being a legitimately good rap group, though no less silly.

Now that Vielma has returned to rap as a solo artist, he has refined his over-the-top lyrics, his flow, and his genuinely interesting production work. His upcoming mixtape features a lot of other non-hip hop South Bay musicians too—people like Ben Henderson and Mark Guerrero, from the pop punk band the Pillowfights.

“Ya Boy Boboso” is a simple hip hop tune with a cool piano loop and an instantly catchy chorus. The content is one big long brag about how every girl in the entire world “knows about ya boy Boboso.” The video only emphasizes the ridiculousness of the song by placing Vielma in front of a green screen while he raps over old black and white footage. Vielma mimics standard rap poses with ease, but throws in some goofy dancing to remind viewers what a ridiculous song they’re listening to—just in case in case they forgot.

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