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Mixtape: Cutso and Mamabear “Getting to Know You”

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This scenario might sound familiar: One moment you’re going home with a few friends and the next thing you know a wild dance party ensues. Suddenly your yard becomes a bicycle parking lot, somehow every inch of counter space is invaded by various bottles of booze, and the fridge shelves sag under the weight of countless beer containers. Sometimes there is nothing better than an impromptu dance party.

The Achilles heel of all great dance parties is poor music choice, or a revolving group of revelers trying to get their song on before another one is finished. Few things are more annoying than being in the zone, making a total fool of yourself and enjoying it, when suddenly the track gets cut off abruptly and some other song starts. Usually, the following song is a totally different style and BPM. Rumor has it that such an offense is punishable by death on the island of Ibiza.

In an effort to help avoid such trouble and maintain the integrity of any dance party, DJs Cutso and Mamabear (occasionally known at MamaCuts) recently released a 70-minute mix “Getting to Know You-Vol. One” as a free download.  Originally released as a CD a year ago, “Getting to Know You-Vol. One” quickly sold out. The mix spans a variety of genres. Imagine, a flawless string of tunes that includes Snoop Dogg and Morrissey. Of course, there is a healthy sprinkle of turntablism as well.

Grab it HERE.

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