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I Saw You: Living Out Loud

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“LOL.” I’ve actually never seen the living embodiment of the acronym. Sure, I’ve witnessed people rolling on the ground in hysterics over you-had-to-be-there stories. Shit, I’ve been guilty of blowing fizzy soda pop out of my nostrils after a well crafted boffola. But what I saw a few weeks ago was laughing out loud, emphasis on the “LOUD!” I was at a stand-up comedy show where laughs should be plentifully supplied, but it seemed that one person was hogging all the air in the room. Kudos to the woman who laughed so loud that no one else felt they could compete. So, we all stayed silent as she represented us all in crowd response. It was as if the audience was a ventriloquist and this lady was the dummy. And not just after every punch line, but from every set-up, every side comment, every simple audience interaction … even when the comedian paused to wipe sweat from his forehead with a towel, all you heard was a hyena cackle from the front right of the room. Jeez, lady. Save some laughter for the rest of us! How about a two-laugh maximum to go with your two-drink minimum?

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