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‘Bollywood Party’ at Mumbai Local

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The theme of this shindig, “Aaj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se,” roughly translates to “Today’s party is on me.” That “me” will be DJ Dharak of India, who unites Bollywood and EDM. This Bollywood maestro made music his destiny as a teen, beginning as a choreographer and dancer. Fate took him to Australia—where he formed his DJ persona—and later the UK, before he began to merge Bollywood and commercial house music. Bouncy, animated electronic beats complement the bubbly vivacity of Hindi film songs. EDM electrifies worldwide, and Hindi dance music has flourished since the 2000s since the international hit “Mundian To Bach Ke” by Panjabi MC.

Bollywood Party
Sat, 10pm, $8+
Mumbai Local, San Jose


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