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I Saw You: Ballers

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I’m a sucker for competition. The uncertainty of who will be victorious between evenly matched opposing forces is what propels us, the common man, into overpaying for the Comcast Sports Package. It is even more exhilarating when you get to see that level of competitiveness in person, even if those competitors suck. As long as they’re both equally terrible, it’s compelling stuff. Take last week’s Saturday morning pick up basketball game, where five people are on each team. Two horrendous players destined to guard each other each saw an opportunity to discard the beta moniker. And it was on. “You can’t guard me!,” when actually, everyone could guard him easily. “I got him. Don’t help!” Yeah, we weren’t planning to. But at that point, we all knew this needed to happen, and so the game was theirs. When normally, either would barely touch the ball, we kept feeding them the rock. They were blinded by competition. And we were witness to it all.

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