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I Saw You: So Cheeky

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It was getting late in the evening and the sun was slowly disappearing into the night as I pulled up to your gate. I buzzed you from the call box and you said you had been expecting me. You showed me around and requested I add more lights to a big tree way way in the back of your huge, and I mean huge, property. No problem, I said, and then you headed back inside your home. I went to my truck that was parked in the front to grab a ladder. As I was on my way back, I saw you standing with your pants around your ankles, nothing but cheeks showing. You may have scarred me for life, mister.

I Saw You is an anonymous “man on the street” column. Email your rants and raves about co-workers or any badly behaving citizens to [email protected], or send to 380 S. First St, San Jose, 95113. Submissions should stick to about 100 words.

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