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Audiobender at SLG Art Boutiki

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TOTAL BENDER: Audiobender play Art Boutiki.

TOTAL BENDER: Audiobender play Art Boutiki.

The band from San Jose was formed back in 2012. The trio of singer and guitarist Jared Richard, Paul Cingolani on bass, and Jeff Lemas on drums creates a power rock sound infused with hard rock, blues and the rawness of garage rock. Audiobender has been putting in the work to build that brand too. The band has been playing as many shows as possible at some of the most prestigious venues in the country. They have built a fiercely devoted fan base that lives within the party the band has created. Their latest album, Pour Me an Encore, is an ode to their bar band sensibility.

Fri, 8pm, $10+
Art Boutiki, San Jose

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