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I Saw You: Rude, Looks Like a Lady

In Culture

I’ve heard of couples getting a little too comfortable with one another, letting a burp go here or passing a little gas there, but it would be great if you could leave the rest of us out of it. I was walking to a show with my husband when we passed you and yours. Out of nowhere, you stepped onto the curb and fired a snot rocket at a street corner trashcan. Making matters worse, you missed. I know you saw me watching you, because you quickly turned to your husband and swore that you had never done anything like that before. Yeah, sure.

I Saw You is an anonymous “man on the street” column. Email your rants and raves about co-workers or any badly behaving citizens to [email protected], or send to 380 S. First St, San Jose, 95113. Submissions should stick to about 100 words.

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