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Daniel Lazo’s Winning C2SV T-Shirt Design

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The C2SV 2015 logo, designed by Daniel Lazo.

The C2SV 2015 logo, designed by Daniel Lazo.

San Jose-based artist Daniel Lazo, the winner of this year’s C2SV T-Shirt Design Competition says he was inspired by the local technology festival’s goal of uniting music and tech.

“My inspiration for the shirt design came from how I see music and technology intertwining and joining in unity,” Lazo says.

Lazo has designed logos and posters for a number of local organizations and causes—including promotional materials for a hurricane relief fundraiser, organized by the Filipino and Vietnamese clubs at Piedmont Hills High School; a T-shirt logo for the Filipino Youth Coalition; and a logo used by a candidate running for secretary of Akbayan, a Filipino-American organization at San Jose State University.

Much of Lazo’s work has the sleek, so-called “flat” aesthetic commonly seen in much of today’s professionally produced graphic design.

Lazo Campaign

Lazo’s C2SV T-shirt design (top) was chosen from among many entrants precisely because of it’s clean lines and modern look.

“The design captures how music can be infinitely transmitted,” Lazo explains of the piece. As a San Jose native, the artist says he wanted to find a way to represent Silicon Valley’s creative and technological nature in a singular and cohesive whole. “The music moves into the mic. The mic transfers the waves into speakers. The speakers burst out music onto the city, which feeds back to the mic. Everything is connected.”

To check out more of Lazo’s graphic design, click here. To view his freehand illustrations, check out his Instagram.

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