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Shots Fired At Chris Brown Performance In SJ

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U mad, bro?

U mad, bro?

What were you doing this weekend? Hopefully you weren’t at Chris Brown’s Capricorn Bash at The Fiesta Nightclub. Shots rang out inside the Southside dance hall early Sunday morning while the controversy-saddled R&B singer and rapper was performing his song “Loyal.” Five people were shot in the melee, but none were killed, according to news reports.

Brown was not injured in the shooting. However, his reaction to the gunfire was captured on the video-sharing app, Vine. Longer videos have been posted on various sites across the web the terror and mayhem that unfolded inside the club after the event.

Brown’s reaction:

A compilation of shots was posted on TMZ:

The event was originally scheduled to be held at the recently opened RockBar Theater, located at the former site of the Garden City Casino, but was moved at the last minute to The Fiesta Nightclub. It is unclear at this time exactly why the party was moved.

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