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The 7 Best Halloween Parties In Silicon Valley

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The Purple Ones, a 10-piece Prince cover band, play the Back Bar SoFA this Halloween.

The Purple Ones, a 10-piece Prince cover band, play the Back Bar SoFA this Halloween.

You did it again. You put off getting your Halloween costume together to the last minute and you sure as hell don’t know what you’re going to do come Friday. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for innovative costume ideas or want to make sure you don’t make an ass out of yourself, we’re here to help. Once you’ve got your costume figured out, here are seven of the best Halloween parties happening in the South Bay.

The Blank Club’s Blackout Costume Party
It’s no secret that the Blank Club’s bartenders pour with some of the heaviest hands in downtown San Jose, so it’s safe to assume that the “Blackout” in Blackout Costume Party isn’t just a reference to the club’s notoriously dim lighting setup. But the Blank’s dark aesthetic also goes hand in hand with its tendency for hosting bands and DJs with a penchant for producing and spinning brooding tunes. This Halloween, the Blank is the place to go to get your fix of macabre dance music—devilish disco, haunting New Wave, more-bitter-than-sweet electro-pop and masochistic modern rock.

Back Bar SoFA: The Purple Ones, Whims & Whiskey Cabaret
Who better to rock a Halloween bash than a man who is perpetually in costume—or at least a band that makes a living covering that man? The Purple Ones will be playing Prince’s biggest hits at the Back Bar SoFA this Friday, but that’s not all. Burlesque group Whims & Whiskey Cabaret will also be bringing the hubba-hubba, while $5 Jager and Jack shots will ensure that you don’t feel shy about singing and dancing along.

Camera 3: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ w/ Barely Legal
Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran of the late-night Rocky Horror Picture Show scene, chances are Barley Legal’s production of the classic 1975 musical comedy will keep you on your toes. Unlike a traditional midnight screening, wherein the audience interacts with a screen, this Camera 3 event will feature a live action “shadow cast” acting out scenes from the movie while Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon put the “vamp” in vampire on an overhead screen. Toast, bubbles, toilet paper and cards will be provided, along with an instruction sheet for noobs.

Dead Time Dreams: Haunted House & Town
We know, most haunted houses aren’t scary enough to give anyone much older than 13 a real fright. But the Dead Time Dreams production is about more than masked teenagers yelling “boo.” It’s an immersive experience with a creepy storyline that’s sure to set anyone on edge (provided you’re willing to temporarily suspend your disbelief, tough guy). Tour a town ravaged by a mysterious flesh-eating disease and explore “The House”—once home to a strange family with an even stranger story.

Double Trouble: St. Stephens Green & Molly Magee’s
Castro Street in downtown Mountain View is easily the best place to party on the mid-Peninsula. And aside from the dive-tastic Mervyn’s Lounge, the almost-neighboring bars, St. Stephen’s Green and Molly Magee’s, are easily the best places to get your party on downtown. Both are hosting Halloween parties, complete with prize costume contests, this Friday.

Stephens is holding a themed costume party, titled “Heaven vs. Hell Halloween Nights” (it’s actually a two-night affair, Oct. 30-31), while Molly Magee’s is having a more free-form competition. First prize at St. Stephens Green will go home with a snowboard valued at $250 and prizes will be given to the best male and female costumes. Molly Magee’s is handing out cash prizes—$300, $200 and $100, respectively. Plus, DJs will be spinning all the hits on the Molly Magee’s dance floor and bartenders will be slinging drink specials.

Café Stritch: Exploding Plastic Inevitable Tribute
At HalLOUween II, the SoFA café and bar will once again pay tribute to the proto-indie-punk rocker Lou Reed, his seminal group The Velvet Underground, and the patron saint of Reed and the Velvets, Andy Warhol. The event is modeled off of Warhol’s series of multimedia art and music parties, which he dubbed the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Rex Goliath will play Reed and Velvets covers, DJs will spin garage and psych, and a projection light show will keep things trippy.

Jack Yo Lantern: EDM Dance Party
The San Jose State Event Center will be wobbling hard this Halloween and the following Day of the Dead, as electronic acts New World Punx, Flosstradamus, Seven Lions, Madeon and many more bring the big bass beats to Jack Yo Lantern. The LED-organized event spans two days—Oct. 31 and Nov. 1—and special guests include R3HAB and DJ Mustard. This is the place to be for EDM fiends this weekend.

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