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Rockbar Theater: ‘Livin’ Like A Rock Star’

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Come on baby, light my fire. Bartenders at Rockbar will be trained in more than just mixology.

Come on baby, light my fire. Bartenders at Rockbar will be trained in more than just mixology.

Walking into Rockbar Theater you get the sense that you are being taken back to a simpler time—when larger-than-life rock stars roamed the earth, jumping from stadium to stadium, slaying entire stadiums full of screaming fans with epic guitar solos and thrashing hotel rooms.

That feeling, according to Susan Cramer and Robert Farrell, is no accident. The pair have been working tirelessly for months to ensure that everyone who walks into their new live venue—which doubles as a theater, restaurant and bar—feels like they’ve just stepped off their very own tour bus or private jet.

The venue’s credo, “Livin’ Like a Rock Star” can be felt from the moment you enter the behemoth structure, located at the intersection of Saratoga Avenue and Stevens Creek Boulevard in what used to be the Garden City Casino. It boasts multiple bars—one of which, the Vodka Bar, will feature more than 100 types of vodka and what Cramer calls a “fairy tale book” of more than 1,600 cocktails.

Flat screen TVs are hung at nearly every turn—each of them capable of screening separate streams. The main stage’s only nearby rival in terms of size is Shoreline Amphitheatre’s, according to Farrell. And then there are the special effects. “If we had to we could make it snow in here, or I could make it rain blood, depending on who is playing.”

Cramer chimes in, noting that the venue will play host to many events, including corporate parties, fashion shows, dinner theater and charity events—“from the symphony to Slayer.”

When it comes to hiring, Cramer and Farrell stuck to their venue’s motto, bringing in renowned Australian guitarist Kris Petersen to run sound, and hand picking their bar staff—choosing bar keeps with skills in both mixology and in bar tricks, such as bottle flipping and fire-spitting. And when it came to the kitchen staff, Farrell says it only made sense to put out a call to chefs who have lived the rock & roll lifestyle. They ended up hiring the former touring chef for Linkin Park.

“We’re gonna find the best in what they do and bring them here,” Farrell explains.

The venue holds its soft opening this Friday, Halloween, with—what else?—a guitar competition. The Demon Rock Off will feature three guest judges—Craig Goldy (Dio), Craig Locicero (SpiralArms), George Lynch (Dokken)—and a costume contest, with a grand prize of two VIP tickets to the venue’s New Year’s Eve show with Y&T and a $100 gift certificate to the Vodka Bar.

To learn more about the Rockbar Theater, go to the venue’s website.

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