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Local Talk: What do you like most about SubZero Festival?

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Photo by Geoffrey Smith II

Photo by Geoffrey Smith II

SubZero festival was back in the SoFA District over the weekend with its first two-day lineup highlighting the best of San Jose’s arts subculture.

We asked a few attendees what they like most about the festival. Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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“I love the vibe. I love the weather. I love folk artists and the local artists. It has been fantastic; I especially love the reclaimed clothing,” ~ Justin de Cinu | Toronto

Rachel Di Gregorio (left) and Andrea Marinez

“Everything! There are all kinds of performances and art. A couple years ago I was in a dance group and I performed here.” ~ Rachel Di Gregorio | San Jose

“What I like about the SubZero festival is that there are note many festivals like this around the area. In brings a lot of different kinds of people together for a really good cause—beautiful art. I like about it has lot of local stuff and it’s neighborhood friendly.” ~ Andrea Martinez | San Jose

“For one thing, it is local in San Jose and it is walkable and accessible. Mostly the culture that is here is unique. Its fresh, fun,and there is a lot to see. Seeing upcoming brands and everyone trying to get their brand out is always great and to find out what is new.” ~ Robert Toledo | San Jose

“It’s my first year here and I really enjoy the arts and seeing the artists. I liked the exhibit with the models posing and seeing all the people dressed up—it is very unique.” ~ Carol Bautista

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