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San Jose’s BVMO Drops ‘The Resume’

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San Jose based DJ/production collective BVMO latest release, The Resume, is an eight-song free release that includes one original and remixes that cover a variety of electronic styles. It’s is a testament to the group’s versatility not just as party-rocking DJ’s but as producers as well.

While the quartet—composed of SheaButter, DSTRKT, SmoovGroovs and Rcade—has released mixes in the past, The Resume marks their first release with top-to-bottom BVMO production.

“Objective,” the sole original composition of the set, kicks things off and plays into the The Resume concept well, offering a clear look of the album’s future-forward sonics from the first drop of the bass. Plenty of frenetic snares and tinny hi hats spice up a lazy groove that manages to still hit hard.

From the opener, Resume launches into a series of revamps of well-known hits and overlooked contemporary gems that reveal a diverse palette of influences. Through seven remixes, the collective re-works songs by the likes of Total, Timbaland and Pretty Ricky. Just as their bio declares, this is an album that aims for “keeping the music fresh with a progressive mind state.”

R Kelly seems to be a presiding muse over this project: his 2007 hit “I’m a Flirt” gets flipped as a Jersey Club track before the release closes out with the more downtempo “Panty Dropper Remix.” The same contemplative keyboard chords show up on both versions, proving BVMO can take a song in vastly different directions with the same base.

The crew’s remix of SBTRKT cut “Never Never,” featuring then-unknown guest vocalist Sampha, captures their duality quite well by peppering in just enough turn-up without completely distorting the soul of the original song. It’s a well-produced piece with a keen ear for nuance, and an album highlight. Their UK Funky re-edit of “Night Light,” taken from British chanteuse Jessie Ware’s fabulous 2012 debut Devotion, is another choice cut—one that adds a light, upbeat house touch that certainly picks up the pace of the moody original.

Stream The Resume here:

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