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Johnny V’s Gets ‘In Your Face’ With New Punk Fest

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The Generators play at In Your Face on Nov. 2.

The Generators play at In Your Face on Nov. 2.

“I’m trying to bring the older bands back. I dig that music and I like the old punk sound,” says Charles Cordova of the ’80s punk band Anti-Social. “A lot of today’s music is just screaming and yelling. People think that’s punk. To me that’s noise. With punk bands, I like to hear the message, hear what they’re all about.”

Anti-Social joins other old-school California punk bands on the lineup for the first In Your Face Punk Fest. The show, organized by Cordova, is set for Nov. 2 at Johnny V’s

Also on the roster: Fang, which formed in Berkeley in 1980 and were a big part of its burgeoning hardcore scene. They broke up in 1989 after singer Sammy McBride went to prison, and reunited in 1995 when he got out.

L.A.’s RF7, founded in 1979, play hardcore punk with elements of rock & roll. They’re bringing their original lineup to the show.

Headlining the festival are the Generators, a ’90s punk band also from L.A., whose sound blends melodic hardcore and cowpunk.

Cordova’s band, Anti-Social, are originally from L.A. but are now based in San Jose, as are long-time South Bay punk rockers Sad Boy Sinister who got their start in Morgan Hill in 1990.

The In Your Face lineup brings together some bands rarely seen in San Jose.

“Fang doesn’t drop in every day,” Cordova says. “We have RF7—I don’t remember the last time they’ve been up to the Bay Area with the original lineup. The Generators—same thing—they’re a bigger band that typically doesn’t play a little dive bar like Johnny Vs.”

Opening up the festival will be a couple new Bay Area bands: Them Creatures, Jack Killed Jill and the Lonely Revolts. Cordova is hoping to draw some even bigger names next year. He’s got his sights set on some old U.K. punk bands.
Sat 2
“In Your Face” Punk Fest
Johnny V’s, San Jose
Sat, 7pm, $10

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