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The She’s Bring Pop Sunshine to San Jose

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In February, the San Francisco Bay Guardian named sunny-pop quartet the She’s a local band to watch with a cover story for the newspaper’s “On the Rise” issue. Of all the bands selected, the She’s were definitely the youngest (between 17-18 years old) yet they weren’t by any means a new band. They’d already been playing together for five years, since middle school—and had achieved more than a lot of bands.

Things really started to take off in 2010 when bass player Sami Perez sent a MySpace message to Christopher Owens of Girls. She told him that she really liked his music, and wanted to know the lyrics to a particular song. She also mentioned that she was in a band and that he should check them out this weekend, and he did.

“He liked us and he offered us a gig with him at the Fillmore,” Perez says. “We were sophomores at the time, so that was pretty big. We realized it was a huge gig and we were in awe, but it was pretty early in our phase as musicians. We were still designing our sound.”

After that, the She’s pretty much played most San Francisco venues, while starting to branch out to the rest of the bay area. In 2011, they released the brilliant LP Then it Starts to Feel Like Summer, which captures their ultra-catchy, early 60s surf-pop, Beach Boys pop sound. While there’s been a resurgence in sunny-pop in indie rock the past five years, or so, the She’s stand out because they do it so well. Their songs hit that “makes you feel good” sweet spot so perfectly.

The She’s might also look familiar after a major Converse advertising campaign in San Francisco had the band scattered on billboards and posters all over the City.

“They were focusing on local artists and musicians, so we got to be a part of that,” Perez says. “We did a video with them and it got over 300,000 views. That’s gotten us a lot of publicity as well,” Perez says.

The She’s only recently graduated from high school, which marks a major turning point in their already successful band. They’ve all been accepted to college in New York, but before they go, they are going to give the She’s their undivided attention for a full year. They have a new six song EP nearly finished, and they’re making plans to tour and maybe see if they can sign label. According to Perez, the new EP isn’t quite as sunny as their first album.

“It’s still poppy, but it’s getting a little darker, a little more developed,” She says. “Our last album was pretty much straight-up pop. This one has a little bit more edge.”

The She’s perform September 28 at C2SV Music Festival at San Pedro Square market. Ticket info.

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