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New Video: Anya Kvitka “One Less”

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San Jose’s own Anya Kvitka is back with a new video, “One Less,” featuring a more uptempo and pop sound than some of her more recent releases.

The track, produced by Marcus Daniels (snack|BOT) and Bobby Ozuna of Jake and the Phatman, was written and recorded in a whirlwind session last fall. Arriving at the studio, Daniels worked on the riff with one of Ozuna’s vintage keyboards while Kvitka wrote lyrics. Ozuna brought in a drummer, who knocked out the beat in one take, and the vocals were ready to record.

“I was just kind of irritated that day,” Kvitka says. “”All this is happening and I”m just writing this song, kind of pissed off at the world.”

In the end, she says the track is about more than the lovers’ squabble that the title suggests. “It’s really just about anybody doubting you or standing in the way and saying, ‘I’m going to do it and your going to be sorry in the end without me,'” Kvitka says.

The video is inspired by Kvitka’s Russian heritage—she was born there when it was still the USSR in 1987 before moving to the U.S. when she was seven year old—and Russian propaganda artwork, something that she has always been exposed to visiting family and friends.

“A big part of me is still in touch with that culture,” Kvitka says. “There is all this very poignant artwork and posters. I’ve always been drawn to that for the many things it represents—first because it’s Russian and also because it’s art.”

She says the imagery can also reflect current events and politics in the United States.

“People tend to sit back and watch what happens instead of being active in what they want to see or want to perceive,” she says. “I think propaganda is a good way to bring up a conversation about that, and I really wanted to pay homage to my roots.”

Kvitka says a new EP should be ready for release before the end of the year. Her next local performance on Sept. 29 opening for Black Milk at Pagoda Lounge as part of C2SV.

Matt Crawford is the Director of Digital Media for Metro Newspapers. Follow him @Metro_Matt.

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