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New Video: The Limousines ‘Love is a Dog From Hell’

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On the day where love conquered all in the U.S. Supreme Court, the Limousines declare “Love is a Dog From Hell” in the first video from their album Hush.

Released “In honor of today’s monumental achievements for gay rights,” the video features a few Suicide Girl types in their underwear, same-sex kissing and nude hula-hooping.

Singer Eric Victorino told us in May that “Love Is a Dog From Hell” describes the thrill of a first kiss but cautions that love is unpredictable and complex once the door is opened.

“We wanted to write songs that we could perform as adults for the rest of our lives,” Victorino says. “I can see being 45 years old and singing ‘Love Is a Dog From Hell.’ The old stuff had a short shelf life. I can’t see myself being 40 and singing a song about Tumblr.” Read more about the Limousines in the Metro Newspaper feature about the new album.

Matt Crawford is the Director of Digital Media for Metro Newspapers. Follow him @Metro_Matt.

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