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Li Xi Get Dreamy at the Blank Club Tonight

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Li Xi

San Francisco’s Li Xi finds an odd place between worlds. They mix vintage 60s synthesizers and modern electronics, as well as an obvious love for superbly strange pop music from the past and sonically sophisticated indie rock.

The modern lens they use to reinterpret older, weirder psychedelic-pop music creates a more restrained dreamy sound that gives that is both haunting and gorgeous, soothing yet uncomfortable, vibrant but retro.

Like some of today’s more popular indie bands, (Beach House, Vivian Girls, etc.), Li Xi mix old and new sounds to create is a decidedly surreal sound. While not as sunny as some of the other related bands producing similar music, Li Xi particularly take influence from unknown 60s pop-singer Margo Guryan, whose psychedelic, jazz-pop record, Take a Picture, was a little too offbeat even for the late 60s.

Li Xi soften some of Guryan’s stranger psychedelic arrangements, as well as her tendency towards cute vocal hooks, to create a sound that is more somber. Li Xi are currently working on their debut 7-inch this year on 20 Sided Records, the label that released Ugly Winner’s latest LP.

Li Xi play the Blank Club at 9pm on Friday April 19. Tickets are $8.

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