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The Limousines’ SXSW Survival Guide

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The Limousines at SXSW

Eric Victorino of the Limousines at SXSW. Photo by Dan Pulcrano.

The Limousines were one of the few bands from the South Bay to perform at SXSW last week in Austin. We talked with singer Eric Victorino about his trip to Texas and survival tips for bands hoping to attend next year.

How many shows did do at SXSW?

We had four scheduled at SXSW and a one-off at an arena in Laredo supporting Kinky. We cancelled one of the official SXSW shows, so only three total in Austin. A couple of years ago we played something like 9 shows in 5 days. That was awful.

What was the highlight of your trip?

I think the best part was the night when we canceled our show and just went out drinking with some fans and friends instead. The sound system at the club we were supposed to play at was terrible. We would rather someone be let down because they didn’t get to see us than to be unimpressed with our show.

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What was most difficult about the trip?

Just being at SXSW is exhausting. Other than the constant walking and the hangovers, everything’s fun.

What was the best show you watched?

Being at Diplo’s set at the MySpace party was so great; the energy in the room was dope. Then we saw a band called Diarrhea Planet and the guitar players were soloing on top of the stage scaffolds like 20 feet up. That shit was crazy.

Do you have any tips for musicians thinking about going next year?

Don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do just because it’s SXSW. There are a thousand bands competing for attention in a couple square miles every day for like a week, nothing about it is as make-or-break as it used to be back in the day. Just go play, have fun, take the opportunity to meet people and hang out.

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Why do you think more San Jose and South Bay bands are not represented at the festival?

Because bands from all over the world are there. We went and Drop City Yacht Club, K.Flay, Wallpaper. and the Soft White Sixties were there. I’m sure the Bay was probably reppin’ a lot harder than most places.

Will you be back next year?

I kinda like the idea of playing it every other year.

What’s next for you?

Heading home to finish recording our album.

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