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Bonnie and the Bang Bang Seek Funding for New Album

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Last year was a busy for local indie-folk outfit Bonnie and the Bang Bang. Not only were they gigging consistently throughout the Bay Area, but they released their debut EP, Ode to Darkness and even toured the West Coast and the Mid-West. Now, they are hoping to record a full-length called the Dark Dream with the help of their fans.

Rather than go the Kickstarter or Indiegogo route, Bonnie and the Bang Bang are funding their album via Pledge Music, which is similar to other crowd sourcing sites, except it funds musical projects exclusively. The site also offers bands the option to automatically donate a portion of their earnings to a charity. Bonnie and the Bang Bang will be donating 5 percent of all funds they raise to Rebuild Recovery, which will use the money to help people who affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Fans can donate as much or as little as they like, with different prizes available depending on the amount contribution. People can receive such items as exclusive shirts, signed albums, handwritten lyric sheets, a private acoustic house concert and executive producer credit.

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