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Live Review: The Truth About Pink at HP Pavilion

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Photos by Aron Cooperman.

Photos by Aron Cooperman.

The first time I heard about Pink was when my 7th-grade choir teacher in suburban Doylestown, Pa., was freaking out about her former student, Alecia Moore, having a video on MTV. This was during the time of flash-in-the-pan boy bands like NSync and 98 Degrees, and flaxen-haired Tiger Beat staples like Mandy Moore and Brittany Spears. I figured Pink was more of the same.

Thirteen years later, she has proven to be one of the most consistent and entertaining pop stars of the last decade. Pink’s success includes three Grammys, several popular tours, and six studio albums that have sold 40 million copies worldwide.

PHOTOS: More photos from Pink’s concert at HP Pavilion

Through it all, she has been herself—a hard-working musician and performer who always maintains an edge but never causes tabloid-fodder drama. During her “The Truth About Love” tour stop at HP Pavilion on Monday night, it was clear why she was always meant for bigger things. Despite the fact that there were 13 large, image-rich screens and about 20 backup singers, dancers and band members all vying for the audience’s attention, you couldn’t take your eyes off Pink.

The show kicked off with a game show host/ringmaster plucking the singer out of the crowd as a Truth About Love Show contestant. After a couple minutes of a funny intro video, she emerged onstage in a leather-studded body suit and was lifted up into the air by three beefy dancers, swinging and twirling and bungee-jumping over the crowd.

She showed off her six-pack abs for most of the concert (after you see how much everyone sweats during the show, they are definitely hard-earned), as well as her pipes. You know you’re watching an amazing singer when she can belt out half a song while hanging upside-down with her legs entwined in ropes.

The concert’s acrobatics rivaled those of the Olympic gymnastics trials that were held in the same venue back in the summer. Both the singer and her multiple, sculpted dancers were often doing flips in harnesses 40 feet above the stage and crawling around in blinking cages as they flew through the air.

Judging by applause, most of the crowd members had been to her show before, and this time they came bearing gifts: screaming, pink-coiffed fans handed Pink stuffed animals and hand-made T-shirts throughout the performance, which she humbly accepted.

While she’s impressive on the radio or in videos, it’s hard to truly appreciate Pink until you’ve seen her live. The way she effortlessly busts out tear-jerking ballads, glides across the stage as she dances and banters with the crowd while genuinely appearing to have a good time is something you don’t see with just any Clive Davis-anointed singer.

View more photos of Pink at HP Pavilion.

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