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Anya and the Get Down Could be Close to a Record Deal

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This past month has been was busy for local musician Anya Kvitka and her band Anya and the Get Down. After talking with different record labels—indie and major—she was asked to do a private showcase for Red Bull Records, where she and her band played an hour set to about 40 people, all of whom were associated with the music industry in some way.

Kvitka was first contacted by Red Bull after Menace, a DJ at LIVE 105 who is a friend of hers, sent out her demo to different people he knew in the music industry. The demo landed in the hands of someone at Red Bull and they were very interested in meeting with her. Right around the same time, Kvitka’s band “Anya and the Get Down” won the best band award at Metro’s Silicon Valley Sound Experience festival, which piqued the interest of Gary Avila, who previously managed Papa Roach in their heyday.

With Avila’s help they’ve met with other labels as well. So far, more than one has expressed some interest, but nothings official yet, Kvita says.

Her hopes are to find a balance between catchy songwriting and her interest in going all over the map with different genres.

“I definitely want to maintain as much diversity as possible, so that’s it’s not just one avenue or lane. I don’t want an avenue; I want the neighborhood,” she says.

There is talk that some of the industry people and labels she’s spoken to will be coming to the Blank Club show on February 15 to see her perform in a hometown environment. If all goes well, this show could be Kvitka’s last show in San Jose for a while. The plan is to hopefully move to LA and take some time to work on making a debut album that will really represent who she is an artist.

“Whatever you release for your first album, you’re always going to be that in people’s eyes. It’s very difficult to stray from that. Why would I put myself in this box that I won’t be able to get out of? I kind of want to be a bridge between accessibility and left of center. That’s kind of my goal with my music and how I write. I think that’s why I gravitate towards so many different genres, because I love so much music.”

Anya and the Get Down play the Blank Club on Friday February 15 at 9pm. Tickets are $8

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