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Lady Gaga’s Most Outrageous Outfits

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Lady Gaga has already achieved icon status with her music, but her biggest contribution to the culture has been her hoard of heinous threads.

Fashion has always played a big roll in the character of Lady Gaga, who performs tonight in San Jose at HP Pavilion, and the line between fashion faux pas and business as usual blurs when it comes to assessing her best and worst looks—most of which are assembled by her own team, Haus of Gaga. Instead, we’ve chosen the rather middle of the road list of Gaga’s most outrageous looks—a word that lacks the sort of punch some of these pieces pack.

Joe Calderone
Lady Gaga’s male alter ego, Joe Caldreone, was first spotted without an accredited name in a Japanese fashion magazine. Fans everywhere went crazy when rumors began spreading that this mysterious new male model was in fact just Lady Gaga in drag. By the time the 2011 MTV VMAs came around, and Joe showed up to open the show with a nearly five minute monologue, leading into a live performance of “Yoü & I” still in character, it was clear that Joe wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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