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DJ Demichild Brings Budding Bayss Scene to Playhouse

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Demichild, aka Chris Rios, is part of a crew of DJs and producers creating a merger of house and bass music they’re calling “Bayss.” Rios and his crew setup shop monthly at Playhouse Sport Lounge for a showcase that returns this Friday.

We caught up with Rios for an interview about the party and the Bayss scene.

Tell me a little bit about “Bayss.”

It’s kind of hard to explain but SF was known for its rich deep house scene (Mark Farina, Jeno, Spun). Bayss is more TNG (The next generation ) but with more kicks being replaced, rolling bass lines instead of high note soulful female vocals and producers use slower male vocals from either 90s rap clips or themselves.

Big players in the Bayss scene probably have no idea what they kindled over here. Anabatic Records and Dirtybird are on top of the food chain producing these insane tracks in the Bay Area.

Is Bayss strictly a San Jose thing?

It’s not strictly San Jose thing but we are trying to make a scene here in San Jose so that great producers will want to stay here and play here. I love SF, but hate the drive. But where does one go to play and hear new music in San Jose? That was the question we wanted to answer for everyone. It takes a while for people in San Jose to like new things but I hope San Jose will join in on something that comes from its own guts.

You are doing a monthly Bayss showcase at the Playhouse Sports Lounge. Tell me a little about this.

Think of it as a D&D get-together in the basement meets a backyard summer party. Expect an interactive experience minus the bro fist pumps. That’s what some of these parties and events are missing.

You told me before that the Playhouse Sport Lounge, while doesn’t typically put on these types of shows, has been very welcoming to you guys because they like the vibe of audience you bring. Can you tell me a little about that vibe?

The owner and management have agreed that they are trying to do something different and want to tap into San Jose without having to revisit the same structure. The thing about our club night is we are not going to drown you out with the same genre all night. We will change it up.

The next Bayss show will be on Friday January 25 at Playhouse Sports Lounge at 9:30pm. Tickets are $5.

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