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Best of 2012: Max Cabello’s Favorite Albums

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Photo by Aaron Cooperman.

Photo by Aaron Cooperman.

San Jose guitar-slinger and R&B crooner Max Cabello let’s his old-school tendencies shine with his picks for best albums of the year, which include tributes to Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson.

Eric Gales – LIVE
Eric Gales is left-handed and strings his guitar upside down. He is one of the most amazing guitar players with expressive vocals like no other.

Gary Moore – Blues For Jimi
One of the finest British guitarists of all time pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix. This is one of my favorite tributes from one master to another. 

Nas – Life Is Good
Nas is a hip-hop pioneer who’s music has lasted longer than his many of his career.  His music isn’t just a bunch of rap words pieced together but more of a beautiful poem told through a musical story.

Michael Jackson – 25
You can never get tired of hearing Michael Jackson’s amazing voice and his infectious musical masterpieces.  With the release of Michael Jackson “25,” there is new life to his music for new generations to appreciate.

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