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Berkeley’s Big Tree Return to SLG Art Boutiki

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Big Tree

Dan Vado, owner of Art Boutiki, doesn’t normally book the same band twice in a two-week period, but he was so impressed with indie-folk group Big Tree, that when he had a cancellation for his upcoming Janurary 11th show, he asked them if they could fill in. They just played the Art Boutiki on Saturday December 29th.

“I have heard a lot of great bands here, and while the quality of their music was high, the thing that struck me was the reaction of the audience. I have never seen an audience here get so into a group as they did with these guys,” Vado says. “People were asking me when they were going to be back while we were getting their gear off stage—totally unprecedented.”

Originally from Brooklyn, Big Tree currently reside in Berkeley. What is particularly engaging about them is how large and evenly blended they make indie-folk sound. The instrumentation creates an orchestration of sound that is borderline psychedelic-pop, and even has bouncy dance rhythms. Yet it still remains true to their folk essence—full of lush, earthy vocal harmonies and heartfelt songwriting. They’ve already recorded two full lengths, an episode for Daytrotter Sessions and gone on four full US tours—all in three years. If the reaction they got last Saturday at the Art Boutiki is any indication, they are a band to watch out for in 2013.

Big Tree play Art Boutiki on Friday January 11th. The show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10.

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