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Supersuckers Relive Sub Pop Classics at the Blank Club

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Even if the Supersuckers aren’t the greatest rock & roll band ever—a claim they made with their 1999 greatest-hits collection—they shouldn’t be docked just for indulging in some overheated hype. The “greatest hits” album, covering the band’s years on SubPop, from 1988 to 1999, is funny considering that the Supersuckers didn’t really produce any hits during that period.

The record, however, does a good job of demonstrating the band’s simple, no-frills approach and its incredible range. They’ve released punk-rock tracks, rock & roll, cow punk and plain old country songs.

Their early albums were loud and sat comfortably alongside the work of other guitar-heavy, angst-filled Sub Pop bands like Mudhoney, whose teenage fanbase hated country music. Yet the group’s 1997 album, Must’ve Been High, would pass for alternative country these days. Even though it was an oddity, it just seemed to make sense and was surprisingly well received. Their follow-up, The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers, hit the opposite end of the spectrum with loud ballsy rock.

It’s been almost 10 years since the Supersuckers released a proper studio album, but they have issued their fair share of compilations and live recordings on their own label. They are working on a new album, which is projected to come out in 2013. The only question is, will it be country, rock & roll, or something entirely different?

Talky Tina and Bibles & Handgrenades fill out the bill.

The Blank Club
Friday, Dec. 14;
9pm; $12/$15

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