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Best of 2012: Goldenchyld’s Favorite Songs

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Goldenchyld, a member of the Bangerz DJ crew, heard his share of fresh tracks in 2012, spending most weekend nights working clubs and crowding dance floors throughout the Bay Area. Here are his top picks for songs that stuck with him through the year.

Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle
Kendrick Lamar’s album took the hip hop world by storm this year. It’s been regarded as one of the greatest hip hop albums in years, which I’m not quite sure if I agree with, but this track reminds me that if the rapper is good enough, he can take a bare bones bones drum loop, and keep it interesting and fresh.

Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix) – Kanye West
This is arguably one of the hottest remixes to come out this year. Every time I’m in a club and drop this one, it’s guaranteed you’ll see hands in the air.

The Don – Nas
This was a refreshing record. Instead of throwing on a pair of zebra-pattern skinny jeans and a pair of pink Uggs, Nas reminded all of us that real hip hop can still be powerful, rugged, and still work in a club setting.

Bad Girls (Switch Remix) – M.I.A.
It was nice to hear from M.I.A again this year. It was even better to hear Switch, one of my favorite producers in recent days really push the boundaries of production and artistry.

Santigold – Disperate Youth

This is one of those songs that you hear and know right off the bat that it’s a timeless song. Dare I say, a classic?

My Eyes – Nero
If someone asked me to put this song into a genre, I’d have to say it’s “Massive-stadium-rock-power-step.” When I put this song on, everything around me goes in to an automatic slow motion and I suddenly have the power to knock out Mike Tyson if he wants to bring it.

Kill The Noise – Black Magic (Kill The Noise Pt. 2)
This is one I’ve actually just come across recently. Kill The Noise comes with something so epic it sounds like it was produced by Hades himself. I feel like this should be on the soundtrack to the movie 300. Listen at your own risk.

Matt Crawford is the Director of Digital Media for Metro Newspapers. Follow him @Metro_Matt.

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