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Trapt and Pounders Celebrate New Releases

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It’s been a decade since Los Gatos quartet, Trapt, hit it big with their nu-metal single “Headstrong.” Now 10 years later, they’re getting ready to release their sixth studio album, Reborn, which comes out in January 2013.

“Headstrong” was the band’s first and biggest single. It came off of their second album (and their first major label release). It is just one of those songs that takes you right back to that specific time and place in the early 2000s when nu-metal was really exploding—heavy melodic guitar work, that mixture of hushed, pained singing and angry screaming, and hip hop-influenced metal grooves. It was all there.

While a lot of the bands from that scene have either broken up or moved on to different musical genres, Trapt has, for better or worse, stayed true to the original sound that made them famous in 2002. They’ve already released two tracks off of Reborn, both of which could comfortably sit next to “Headstrong” on an album. If anything, the new material is an angrier version of the old material.

Also on the bill are locals Pounders, who will be releasing their newest album Hard Dirty And Fast at this show. They’ve been getting attention for their blend of pop-punk, 90s alt-rock and 80s New Wave—and lead singer, Chris Pounder’s flamboyant pink Mohawk.

Trapt performs with Pounders at Musik Ink on November 23. Admission is $15 and the show starts at 7pm.

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