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Froadz to Play Free Show at Blank Club

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With the instant availability of studio manipulation and infinite overdubbing possibilities, a lot of the current indie bands have lost the rawness that was standard in the late 80s/early 90s lo-fi era. Froadz continues that tradition with all the elements of an experimental guitar-driven post-rock outfit, while still maintaining that raw underground sound.

Formed last year in San Francisco, Froadz sticks closely to the rules of the power-rock-trio format with some nice subtleties. The guitarist plays soft arpeggios and quiet strumming while the bassist and drummer give the songs a steady driving rock beat—but never overpowering the guitar’s sparkling notes. Froadz are deconstructing post-rock, stripping away the excessive texturing and reformulating it into the simplest terms possible, but their rawness comes not just through simplicity, but from bringing back a sense of jamming and organic dynamics to the indie-rock sound.

Froadz play at the Blank Club on October 3 at 9pm. Admission is free. Dream House and Breathing open the show.

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