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Ten Reasons to Zero In on ZERO1

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For Tracks, Canoger laced VHS tape in a complex pattern across which a film is projected. The videotape doesn’t show frames, as the 35mm film does, so the images (they are from Joe Dante’s Innerspace) play out as dots and dashes of pure color speeding up, down and across the tape grid. At various interstices between tape and walls, the colors fan out into lozenges of reflected light.

Spin uses 100 or so DVDs scattered across a dark backdrop as reflective surfaces (maybe like the faceted eye of a giant insect) on which to project a collage of movie scenes that are bounced onto the opposite wall as oddly distorted amoeba-like shapes on which tantalizingly familiar moments from popular features, complete with snatched dialogue, dance and twirl. As you move between the two walls, your own shadow becomes part of the action.

For the purposes of the ZERO1 theme, “Seeking Silicon Valley,” the clips Canogar assembled are from movies about this region or by directors and actors from here, but the Trilogy stresses the collective dreaming state that a century-plus of movies—flickering or pixelated—has induced in the universal audience.
Runs through Oct. 14, with an artist’s talk on Oct. 12, 6:30pm; Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga.

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