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Ten Reasons to Zero In on ZERO1

In Culture

Hansen is back—now collaborating with artist/geneticist Jer Thorp—with Before Us Is the Salesman’s House, designed to be projected on a massive scale across the entry facade of eBay’s north campus. This time, the source for the display is the densely woven fabric of eBay transactions. Hypothetically, the ebb and flow of goods will reveal some deeper truths about society. We are, after all, what we buy and sell—and the piece seeks to make the Invisible Hand of the market visible, at least in flashes. While I have misgivings about corporate-sanctioned art works and the fine line between cooperation and co-optation, Hansen’s track record is so strong that this is one of the ZERO1 works I am most looking forward to seeing. The piece will also be shown outside on the parking-lot-facing wall of 300 S. First St., as part of the opening weekend events.
Sep. 12–Dec. 8; eBay North; 2161 N. First St., San Jose

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