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Ten Reasons to Zero In on ZERO1

In Culture

9. Yet More Street Festivals
An active downtown can’t have enough street fairs. ZERO1 adds to the mix with the (e)MERGE Street Festival, a two-day affair, with more than two score public art projects by creative teams from California universities (including Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics and SJSU’s CADRE program), outdoor performances, music, movies projected on the walls of buildings and a parking lot turned into a “silent disco,” with dancing done to headsets. Among the more intriguing entries is Three Bodies, which uses dancers in LED-studded costumes to create diagrams of pure light that solve the three-body problem posed by Pythagoras.
Sep. 14, 6pm–midnight; Sep. 15, 11am–6pm; SoFA District, San Jose.

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