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The Mexico Institute of Sound play the Pagoda

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The complex backdrop of Mexico City—a town full of ancient architecture and modern technology—is a fittingly the home for Camilo Lara, the man behind the Mexican Institute of Sound, a leading act in the budding Mexican electronic scene. His music epitomizes the crossroads of old and new, organic and synthetic, traditions and progress.

Unlike American electronic music, Lara—and contemporaries Nortec Collective, Turbo Sonidero Futuristico and Kinky—mixes a lot of the older folk music of Mexico (Mariachi, Cumbia and Cha cha cha.) Lara, in particular tends to sample mostly from Mexican music from the 1920s to the 1960s, homaging his heritage, yet redefining it. His songs can be instrumental, feature an MC or just contain little spurts of spoken word.

Mexico Institute has been creeping into the homes of mainstream American via the television. His songs have been featured on such shows as Californiacation, Ugly Betty, Pride and Glory and even as part of a Dos Equis ad campaign. People may not realize it, but they are already acquainted with Lara’s innovative approach to electronic music.

Mexico Institute of Sound plays on Saturday September 15th at 10pm at the Pagoda @ the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Tickets are $5.

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