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Jimmy Cliff Celebrates ‘Rebirth’ at Harmony by the Bay

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“It is a ‘Rebirth’ in many ways—my career, the music that I have to created and helped establish—I’m going in kind of a different direction now, it was time to take another step forward, writing a new page of my career in the new millennium.”

“Humanity is going through a rebirth period as well—the ancient Mayans had predictions about this year 2012, as a new change, a new cycle. The energy shift is from the constellation of Pisces to the constellation of Aquarius, it’s a new energy, a higher energy, a better time for humanity.”

Jimmy Cliff Harmony by the Bay

Jimmy Cliff recruited Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Operation Ivy to produce his new album Rebirth. Photo by Thomas Sheehan.

In addition to the success of the new album, Cliff has received many other accolades over the past several years, including Jamaica’s Order of Merit, and being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

“There were a lot of feelings with that, one was of gratification, and one was of encouragement in the sense that the music I contributed is Jamaican bred, and to be inducted into an American institution of such caliber like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s just a great feeling.”

While the present is looking brighter than ever for the international star, he isn’t content with simply resting on his laurels and enjoying his current success. Cliff says he is working on several screenplays, including a sequel to the Jamaican gangster classic “The Harder They Come,” and has many other ideas for future projects.

“I’m always writing—I’ve got lots of music to record, whether it will be for soundtracks [for the movies] or the next album. I intend to break out of the mold as a festival act and break into the arenas and stadiums.”

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