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Whiskerman Headlines Uncanny Valley of the Heart’s Delight At Anno Domini

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For the sixth installment of the Uncanny Valley of the Heart’s Delight, hosts Corpus Callosum bring Oakland gospel-folk group Whiskerman in to headline. Band leader Graham Patzer is perhaps best known as the younger brother of the two Judgment Day string players. Whiskerman—which actually has big brother Lewis on cello—is so vastly different from the string-metal math sounds of Judgment Day, it might shock fans who know the groups’ connection. Yet what they do have in common is a similar spirit of musical boundary-pushing, albeit expressed completely differently.

At first glance, Whiskerman could be best described as gospel-inspired Americana, but its texturing with strings and pianos really enhances the sound, giving what is simple and earthy at its core, a complex, harmonious overtone.

As a songwriter, Patzer captures the straightforward, storytelling approach present in folk music, right down to the lyrics, which tend to be stories about fictitious characters. Yet, the music is inherently moody and layered, which is not due solely to nuanced arrangements. Patzer voice and choice of melodies consistently hit different emotional triggers simultaneously. He embodies the joy of soul music and the sadness of the blues at once.

Also on the bill are the Spirits of Red City, who are an experimental, minimalistic acoustic group, and of course show hosts Corpus Callosum. They will be performing a particularly special set. This is their homecoming show from their first US tour, and they’re bound to get a little bit emotional.

WHISKERMAN performs Tue, Aug. 14 at Anno Domini in San Jose, 7pm; all ages.

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