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Maxx Cabello Jr. Earns A Spot on Summer Fest Bill With “My Love”

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San Jose local Maxx Cabello Jr. is known for his guitar chops, his soulful voice and for mixing it up with a wide range of styles. He plays everything from slow soul jams, blazing electric blues and Latin rock. In the case of his new video, “My Love,” he digs into old-school romantic soul, a throwback to the days before the style was dominated by drum machines and synthesizers.

A quick Google search reveals footage of Cabello playing eight minute blues guitar solos, which he’s quite talented at, but the simplicity of “My Love” makes it a good place to start for people new to his music. Like the video, the song is smooth and sweet—just a straight forward love song with nothing over-complicated about it.

The video holds special significance because it helped Cabello land an opening spot at San Jose’s Jazz Summer Fest this Friday after submitting it to festival organizers in a contest where people voted for the song they liked best. “My Love” won by a landslide.

Cabello opens the San Jose Jazz Festival on the main stage at Cesar Chavez Park this Friday at 5:30pm.

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