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Video: Rey Resurreccion “Saturday”

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Rey Resurreccion, one of San Jose’s best, unsung rappers, recently released a video for his track “Saturday”, produced by the Bangerz. The video itself is pretty standard, mostly a lot of shots of Resurreccion and his crew biking, skateboarding, breakdancing and, of course, plenty of tattooed women. What is exceptional is the song, due in no small part to the productions skills of the Bangerz.

One of Resurreccion’s gifts is how effortlessly he raps. He’s got a cooler than cool, laid back flow and spits out solid rhythms with clever lines. In “Saturday,” Resurreccion talks about hanging out with his good friends with no plans in mind, using Saturday as an analogy.
(“Rollin’ down the block/Cruisin’ with the homies like every day’s a Saturday.”)

Where this song truly shines above Resureccion’s normally high-quality work, is in the Bangerz textured production. The beat is a laid back, new-school jam, but it’s nuanced with old school sounds. It’s clever, so hip hop fan will love how brilliantly the Bangerz reference familiar 80s samples within the context of a strictly modern track. Casual hip hop fans will just love how cool everything sounds. The low synth bass line is a nice touch.

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