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Rob Crow Of Pinback Mashes Up Devo And Misfits At Blank Club

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Rob Crow is known for doing pretty much whatever he wants. Besides his long tenure in the popular indie band Pinback, this includes bands that only the hippest of the hip have even heard of, and for all most of us know, may or may not have existed in our own space-time coordinates: Heavy Vegetable, Optiganally Yours, Physics Thingy, Other Men, Goblin Cock (okay, the last one actually plays some pretty entertaining doom metal).

So when Crow says “I’m going to start a band that mashes up Misfits and Devo songs, and show videos of my kids recreating famous Devo videos in the background,” no one feels the need to say “that’s nuts.” It’s more like, “When do you want to tour?” And thank god, because now we have the DevFits, Crow’s band which debuted at the end of last year, and does exactly that.

Pinback fans know that the San Diego-based Crow has long been enraptured by Glenn Danzig’s siren songs of punk-horror—the last time I saw them at Bottom of the Hill, they covered “Astro Zombies,” and I’m sure he’s done many more. The question of how he’ll mash them up with Devo’s herky-jerky New Wave makes this show can’t-miss for fans of either band.

The DevFits play Wed., Aug. 1 at the Blank Club in San Jose, 9pm; $5.

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