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Catching up with Evan Jewett

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Evan Jewett

Earlier this year, Evan Jewett moved to New York, leaving San Jose indie rock fans mourning the loss of his two bands, Worker Bee and Family Room.

Jewett, however, is still keeping busy with new music. He recently released a new Family Room album, Rake, online. It’s Family Room’s most elaborately produced album and perhaps even the eeriest. In honor of the album’s release, we recently interviewed Jewett to see how New York life has been treating him.

How has life in New York been since you moved away?

Life has been interesting. Ups and downs but mostly ups.

You had two great bands, Worker Bee and Family Room here in San Jose, both who seemed to be doing well, but then you moved to New York. What brought you out to New York?

I moved here to live with my girlfriend. Also to get a change of scenery. San Jose can get a little claustrophobic.

Are you playing music in New York?

For the first time since I started playing music I am actively not pursuing it. I still think about it and fiddle with it here and there but I am currently not worrying about making another record or writing songs. It’s very weird for me but also very freeing. I know I’ll get back at it sooner or later so I’m trying to just not think about it and let whatever is going to happen work itself out. In the meantime, I’ve taken up woodworking. Building furniture is very time and thought consuming much in the same way music can be.

How is big city New York life compare to San Jose life?

There are not nearly as many close knit groups of people here. I miss my friends a lot, but don’t miss much else in San Jose. Not driving is a blessing and a curse. The same goes for 99 cent pizza. Movie theaters are stupidly tiny and expensive. I saw James Carville running in central park. I saw the tall woman from 3rd Rock from the Sun outside a bar. There are fireflies. Humidity is not pleasant. It costs $23 to go to the top of the Empire State Building. I have not been to the top of the Empire State Building.

Any plans to visit San Jose and play a Worker Bee or Family Room set in the near future?

Nothing planned but I’d like to. October is looking likely. Also, look out for a new Worker Bee EP. Worker Bee recorded the EP before I left. Its five songs. We are still a band, currently active or not.

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