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Amy Robbins, DJ Fabian Spin at Axis Nightclub July 14

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Amy Robbins spins at Axis Nightclub Saturday.

Amy Robbins spins at Axis Nightclub Saturday.

DJ Amy Robbins does a great show on KSJS with Badcat on Thursdays, featuring what she calls “dirty robot sex music.” They are maybe the most overcaffeinated duo on the dial, rattling the halls of San Jose State with yelps and screams and all kinds of ridiculous ramblings.

But Robbins’ agro silliness can’t hide the fact that she has a keen ear for the pop-dance gems that are often lost in the overly fractured, ever-shifting electronic subgenres. Like the original AM disc jockeys who plucked the hookiest songs out of obscurity and made rock ‘n’ roll into good radio, she mines the electro frontier not for its artiest or most technically accomplished statements, but for the rush of its most insistent should-be hits.

In this age of endless hot girls going DJ, the 22-year-old Robbins is unfortunately probably better known for having been on the 49ers Gold Rush cheer squad, but hey, in this day and age, you gotta take the followers where you can get ‘em.

Robbins will spin this Saturday at the “100% Recession Proof” DJ event at Axis Nightclub in Santa Clara. Also in the lineup will be SF’s DJ Playboi and headliner DJ Fabian from Vegas. A former Bay Area DJ best known for his residencies at XS and Tryst in Sin City, he’s also a producer for the Crooklyn Clan remix label.

This is the latest event from DJ Sy-ence, who’s been the resident DJ at Axis since it opened in May. The huge club’s three different rooms have allowed him to present everything from EDM to hip-hop to reggae, sometimes all at the same time.

100% RECESSION PROOF will be held Saturday, July 14 at Axis Nightclub in Santa Clara, beginning at 10:30pm. Cover is $5 until 11:30pm, $10 until midnight, $15 midnight-4am.

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