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A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg Comes To Axis

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The night after Phife perfoms, they’ll host big-name house producer Miguel Migs, who got his start in Santa Cruz and is best known outside the Bay Area for remixing artists like Britney Spears and Macy Gray.

Lim and Caron say they want to leverage Axis’ impressive capacity to fill a need in the South Bay: club entertainment that matters.

“You see a lot of ads [for clubs] where it’s just a chick on there in a bathing suit,” says Lim. “We’re taking it back to ‘I’m going to a show. I’m going to see music.”

The pair got their start in raves and underground parties years ago before taking on bigger events, and they’re excited to be booking the kind of mid-sized venue that people have been saying for years the Valley desperately needs. Of course, it can be tricky business, especially in the hugely competitive club scene.

“A lot of people don’t focus on talent, they just focus on numbers,” says Caron. “We’re not just putting anyone up there to play some music.”

Phife Dawg performs Friday, July 27 at Axis in Santa Clara.

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