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A Brief History of Krupted Peasant Farmerz

In Music

Almost 20 years later, Rob and Dave are playing together again in Utter Failure, a band which in many ways picks up where KPF left off. Rob is happy to be working with his brother again.

“He’s a great artist. The stuff just comes to him, and he creates these songs that are really emotional.” But Rob knows he has a role to play in his brother’s unusual creative process, too, and he feels a certain responsibility toward it.

“I have to bring it out of him,” he says. “If I don’t tell him to move on to the next thing, he’ll be stuck on one thing forever.”

They’ve just released their first 7” on Vine Hell Records, Rob’s label. His renowned talent for networking continues—he’s managed to involved six other labels, from as far away as Chicago, New York and Japan, in the release of the record, contributing financial backing as well as distribution.

“These are people who were fans of KPF and are now fans of Utter Failure,” explains Rob. “That’s what I’ve built up over time, this little network. It’s like an extended family.”

UTTER FAILURE plays Friday at Johnny V’s in San Jose, 9pm; $5.

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