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Dominic Miranda of Record Winter to record live solo album

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Dominic Miranda

Dominic Miranda strips the atmospheric guitars and pounding drums normally pervasive in his indie-rock band, Record Winter, and opts for an intimate acoustic solo performance at Good Karma on June 21 for a special live recording. Despite how loud and dynamic Record Winter’s music can get, according to Miranda, his solo shows are even more intense.

“Solo, rather than with the band, it’s very straight forward. There’s no distractions. You can hear everything I’m saying very clearly. In the band, we have three guitarists, so people are paying attention to the sonic noises,” Miranda says.

People like to hear what Miranda is saying and glimpse the raw emotion of his music when he plays solo. According to Miranda, “I get a lot more comments after a show when I play solo, then with the full band.”

He plays solo from time to time when the opportunity arises. He usually plays mostly Record Winter tunes, but he have a handful of songs that are exclusive to his solo sets.

The Record Winter were one of the first bands in San Jose, nearly a decade ago, to break the metal, screamo mold here and play full-fledged lush guitar-driven indie rock. Their music is mood-driven, highly textured and plays heavily with dynamics. They have recorded several EPs already. Miranda has not captured very much of his music is solo form. He could think of no better way to do so than with a live recording.

Dominic Miranda plays at Good Karma on June 21 at 8pm. The show is free.

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